Thursday, July 21, 2011

CD12 Appt

So today I went in for my CD12 appt. I started again with my ultrasound. My lining was still around 10.5, so that was good. He looked at my left and I had one large follicle and then a few smaller ones. He commented that this was more like it......he went to the right next and I had 3 large follicles. He said that he was thinking that I would probably trigger tonight with my ER on Saturday. I had my blood drawn next and then waited a bit before I met with my coordinator. When I went in to meet with her, she thought that I might go one more night and trigger tomorrow night with my ER on Sunday. OK...I was feeling better that my eggs had grown and that I was probably going to have my ER this weekend. She said that she would call me when they got the results of my E2 and let me know what the doctor had decided.

So, off to my work training I went waiting for my telephone call to see when I would trigger. The call came about 1:30....and it wasn't good news. My coordinator said that my E2 came back low....only 484....when it should have been at least the doctor wanted to cancel me. So, I'm done for now.....I'm still in a little bit of shock about it all. In the long run I know that it is the best thing if the doctor is thinking that my eggs will not be of good quality and won't result in a good outcome in the end, why go through it all? It also saves us on insurance as well.....we still have two full-cycles left since I didn't go through egg retrieval....but those are the only positives I can see right we wait until we meet with the doctor and see what he says....


  1. Boo on canceled cycles. Focus on the next one now!

  2. oh, man. that stinks. I'm with Beth -- put those eggs out of your head and focus on the next one.

  3. Put this one out of your mind and concentrate on the next!!!