Sunday, November 6, 2011

23 months

I can't believe that Owen is less than 1 month away from turning 2! Where has the time gone? He amazes us everyday with the things he is learning and doing. I know it has been a while since I've updated on his "overall progress" so I thought we were due:)

He still sleeps from about 8:00 PM to 6:30 AM most days....well except on weekends. He tends to wake up earlier for some reason! He is still a very good eater. He still prefers oatmeal for breakfast, but has started branching out a little bit buy eating a few bites of eggs and lately he has started eating bagels. He loves yogurt, fruit and veggies...which are all pluses in our book! He is a total boy and loves everything with wheels! He is also starting to like playing basketball and football. He runs around the living room with a football and yells "Tackle" which means that Tony is supposed to run and catch him....very cute little game. He is also still a huge mommy's boy. He constantly wants me next to him and it seems like daddy can't do anything as well I can. It can be very frustrating for both of us at times....but then he does one little thing and we tend to forget all about it:)

Probably the biggest change is that he is talking up a storm! I think he learns 5 new words a day. He knows his colors, most of his shapes and he can count up to 12....although tonight when he was counting he made it to 7 and then skipped to 11, 12, 13 and then he would run down the hallway. Tony and I were cracking-up at him...that was one of the little things that makes us forget:) Some of his latest phrases include Be Careful, Yeah, How ya doing?, I love you too! and One more:) I love to hear his little voice and it is great to be able to have a "conversation" with him now. He has a mind like a steel trap too! He never forgets anything....which can be dangerous sometimes:) He knows all of our family and friends and who goes with who. He will answer my questions about his day when I come to pick him up which is so cool. He loves to go play with his friends at the library, church playgroup, and Sunday school....he will even tell you their names:) Again...he amazes us and I am thankful that he is here everyday!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

A picture from our trip to the zoo this summer.
He was pointing at the tigers "sleepin."

Love his face in this picture:)

Riding the pony at the pumpkin patch. When it was over he would say "one more" and hold up his finger:)

Our 2nd annual picture in front of the sign at the pumpkin patch.

Eating a bagel and watching daddy's chair:)


And I just want to point out that I updated every night this weekend! I will try to be better over these next couple of months:)

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  1. Wow! Love hearing all his progress....excited for all these milestones at our house :)