Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthmark Surgery

I know, I know, I know! Bad Blogger! Seriously have been terribly busy this past month. Every weekend in the month of October was booked....poor Owen had to be shipped off to a different place every weekend! Plus we had a round of the flu hit us...again taking down Owen, Grampa, Gramma, Mommy and was a rough week! My goal is to spend some time this weekend catching up with the blog:) First, I wanted to let you know how the birthmark removal surgery went!

Overall it went really well. He handled not eating or drinking like a champ...only asked for a drink a few times. He again rode back to surgery in the wagon....even stopped and waved bye-bye to us. We cried....he didn't! The surgery lasted about an hour. He had a much more difficult time coming out of anesthesia for this one. He was under general and for a much longer period than he was with his tubes. I got to go back to try and help in recovery, although I didn't feel like I was able to make things easier for him:( Once we got out of there and headed home things got better. Since then, the healing process has been good. At his 2-week check-up, the Dr. said that things looked well and didn't need to see us back for 2 months! Our only rough spot is with getting him to keep the steri strips on the wound. We are supposed to keep them on for a few more days...but as soon as he has a chance, they are off! Usually happens when he is in bed:) Luckily Gramma found some at we are restocked!

Here are a few pictures to document:

Owen and Daddy watching the tractors working outside while waiting to be called back.

Mommy and her boy:)

A close up of the birthmark.

Waiting to go back...they had a bike for him this time and he loved it! He rode it all around the hallways:)

Cars too! They knew the way to his heart:)

A picture of his arm now.....not very good though.

Another angle. The edges of his scar are still a little puffy. The doctor has assured us that they will flatten out as the healing process continues.

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