Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was very fun this year. Owen was much more "into" it....especially when people gave him candy:) We limited his intake, although mommy did let him have a piece of a Kit Kat at Aunt Jill's house. Owen was a trooper with getting in and out of his costume and in and out of the car at all the stops we had to make. He also enjoyed carving the pumpkin, although one of his new favorite words is "EWWWW!" His costume was Brewster from Chuggington....which is the train show on Disney. It is absolutely one of his favorite shows! We had to get some on DVR because it's not on on Saturday mornings and he just doesn't understand that:)

Here are some pics:

Getting ready to carve the pumpkin with Daddy.

He thought he was pretty hot stuff when we let him sit on the table!

"EWWWW Daddy! Don't make me touch it!!"

Helping....but really just looking:)

Finally decided to try it out.....and then we couldn't keep him out of it! He did prefer to use the spoon though:)

Proud boys with their finished product.

Looks much cooler with the lights out! And Tony did that all by hand....just looked at a picture of Elmo off the internet!

In his costume.....the sun was in his eyes:) Cutest train on the block!

Trick-or-Treating with Daddy and Grandpa Steve:)

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