Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Negative Cycle Follow-up Appt

We met with the Dr last week for our Negative Cycle Follow-up Appt. We reviewed my cycle in total. He talked about my meds for stimulation, (which have already been reviewed on here) talked about how many mature eggs I had (5), what my fertilization rate was (4/5=80% when they look for at least 70%) and his "grade" on my transfer by the lab (1-highest level)...all of these things were reviewed to look at whether any of them could have been the reason behind the failed cycle. The Dr's thoughts were that they weren't...which meant that the only thing left would have been genetics. Because genetics were believed to be the reason for the fail, the Dr suggested three different options for our final cycle:
1-do things exactly the same (which he did not recommend)
2. alter my med protocol (raising me to the highest level to get more eggs)
3. Egg donation
Nothing against anyone who has done or considered egg donation, but Tony and I don't think this is an option for us. For one reason, it is expensive and another is that we already have Owen and while we want another baby, I'm just not sure that I want to go that route in order to have one. So that leaves us with option 2-upping my protocol. We are planning on doing the cycle in April/May. Appts will begin on April meds will start a few weeks before. I did ask the Dr about switching back to Luveris instead of Menopur-he was fine with that. We also asked about taking supplements....while he isn't the strongest believer in them, he was fine with us taking them again for our cycle. All he wanted to know was what we planned on taking....easy enough. So we met with the nurse, got signed up for the cycle and told her what we planned on taking supplement-wise.
So...we plan on starting the supplements around Feb 1st and going forward with this final least I'll know that we tried everything we could:)

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