Sunday, January 29, 2012


Owen is at that great age where he is trying to figure out pronouns. One of my favorites is when kids substitute "my" for "I" and he is smack-dab in the middle of it! I can't help but smile when he says "look at what my is doing" or "look what my did." He amazes me everyday with the new things he is saying. In fact, when he woke up from his nap this afternoon Tony was downstairs working out, and he of course had to go down too. Usually when we work out we have the iPod playing, but since he had been sleeping Tony was using his ear-buds instead. He noticed right away that there wasn't any music and asked where it was. As Tony walked over to plug it in he said "Oh dear" :) I'm not even sure where he has heard that phrase! I really should start writing everything down.....

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