Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shower #1

Sorry it has been a while since the last post--it has been busy around here! The time seems to be slipping by and then I barely have time to post:)

I had my first baby shower on Saturday. It was really a wonderful experience and at times I couldn't believe that I was actually there for me--not anyone else:) Like I have said in earlier posts, I never found myself not wanting to go to other people's showers, but I think I just assumed at times that I would never be at one for myself. So needless to say it was a wonderful time-I did forget my camera though, so I will have to rely on family to get some pics from the big day! My cousin was the main driving force behind getting it set up, but she had some help from my great aunts as well. My mom and Tony's mom had a little hand in it as well:) It was a pretty large shower (my mom's side and Tony's mom's side never had infertility issues!!) so we ended up getting lots of wonderful gifts for this little guy to use when he finally comes home. I think Tony was amazed as it was all brought in and left in the living room! We spent a couple of days going through the bags and getting everything organized-only need to take a few duplicates back, so that is always a good thing as well. My mom came over Monday night and helped me get a little more organized while my dad cleaned our carpets (yes, my dad cleans carpets--he even vacuums-in fact at one point my mom didn't even know how to turn on her own vacuum!!). I still have a couple of more showers, so more good times to look forward to:)

It is getting more exciting by the day! With the showers and the house finally getting close to being "baby ready," it is seeming more and more real. The baby will get measured again on Monday at my appointment with the Perinatologist. I'm expecting him to post some more big numbers--he is moving constantly and I think he is having a hard time getting comfortable. He has been having body parts (well mostly his butt up by my ribs!!) sticking out all over on my belly. Tony got to feel a big shift last night as he was telling the little guy good night--didn't think he was believing how it looked and felt when he did it! I will post another picture on Friday--hard to believe that I will be 32 weeks!

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