Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Things have been so busy I haven't had time to get on and update. It seems like we have things to do every night and I end up running out of time to add a post. So here is an update on things:
  • Things in the basement are going great! It ended up taking 2 more coats of red before the wall finally was finished--thanks to my dad that is finished:) Aunt Jill came over last Wednesday and painted the floor with that epoxy stuff. We decided to hold on to a little of our money and wait on the carpet. One can didn't get the room quite covered and we didn't have the rest of the basement cleaned up enough yet for her to continue....so Tony and I spent Saturday downstairs together getting things cleaned up. Who knew drywall dust could get everywhere! We wiped things off and vacuumed others and moved them into the finished portion. I even vacuumed the walls--I know Tony thought I was falling off my rocker! Aunt Jill is coming back tomorrow night to hopefully get the rest of the floor finished! Yea--the end is near:) I will post pics soon!
  • We ended up having to get a new water heater! Fortunately it was still under warranty so we were able to return it. Tony's dad came over Monday morning to wait for the plumber to get it all installed. Now we get to deal with getting it all reimbursed from the water heater company--can't wait to do that!
  • The nursery is all painted--thanks to the grandmas--and Tony put together the furniture this weekend and we got it all in the room. We love to just go and stand to see how it all looks...imagining putting our little boy in there soon. I took pics of him putting the furniture together--did a good job, but didn't believe me that the crib would be impossible to put together in the living room and then transfer it when it was finished to the nursery. Luckily he "checked" and realized I was right and we avoided a catastrophe:) Again--will post pics soon!
  • Had my first non-stress test (NST) at the OB on Thursday. Things went well with that. I also had my one hour glucose screening. I talked with Dr. B about when she would induce barring that everything continued to go well--she said around 38 weeks. I also asked if she was planning on taking a vacation because I really wanted her to be the one to deliver. She said they were contemplating one....I told her that I would rather she be there:) She looked at my due date and with being induced earlier than that, thought she would probably be around:)
  • Peri appt yesterday went well. My mom came with me for the measurements. They estimated his weight at 3lbs 5 oz, which continues to put him in the 63%. The tech tried to get some 3d pics, but he again was being difficult and hiding! So no good pics this time:) I think the one from last week will hold us off for a while anyways!
  • Got a call from Dr. B's office today. On the message they said they needed me to call back so they could review my test results.......I immediately think that I failed my glucose screening and think the worst! Well when I called, the nurse told me that my iron was low and they needed to put me on a iron supplement. I told her that I thought I failed my glucose screening and she laughed and said that actually came back good:) So now I get to take an iron supplement. Guess it had been a while since something new had been added, so bring it on!

So I think that is all for now:) Things continue to be busy though, so I'm sure there will be more to update soon. I'll also put up pics of the nursery and basement:)


  1. I took an iron supplement, as well. You make a lot of extra blood to go through the baby's body! Exciting that you are getting the nursery all set up - can't wait to see pictures! After all you've been through, can you even believe it?

  2. The same thing happened to me after the glucose test...they called...freaked me out,and it was only iron!! Make sure to eat plenty of fiber!!! ;)