Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Best Feeling!

I finally got home this evening.....after a long 8 hour drive from Minnesota. I could feel myself getting more excited the closer I got to being home. When I got home, I didn't even get my stuff out of the back of the car! Of course the dog greeted me first, but when I came around the corner and he saw me--he immediately put one hand out to me and started talking. He got a huge smile on his face and reached out both hands to me when I got close enough to him (Daddy was holding him). When I got him back in my arms, it was the best feeling ever! I missed him so much and it was such a good feeling to be holding him! He melted into me and let me hug and kiss on him. He touched my face and hair...smiling the entire time. He played with my necklace for a few seconds and then he looked up at me and leaned in to give me a kiss! That was a first! He will kiss and love on his stuffed animals, but WE have the hardest time getting kisses from him, so we usually have to steal them! Tony saw him do it and agreed that it was definitely a kiss....made me feel even better! Don't want to think about leaving him again.....although we do have a vacation looming in the future.....but I'm not thinking about that now!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet getting luvins from your boy! Hope you get some extra snuggles to catch up on being away.