Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monster Dash

So I did it! I completed the race.....and I didn't stop the entire way! (Tony kept telling me that as long as I didn't stop, I would be able to say that at the end-no matter what my time ended up being!!) It was FREEZING, rainy and windy when we got there and unfortunately the weather didn't get any better before race time. We both decided to run in our sweatshirts, but decided to leave our pants behind and just go in shorts. I was glad that I did that because once I started it got a little warmer:) Tony stayed with me the entire time...I only needed help with one of the obstacles....and it was poorly put I think I did ok:) I did not do the Warrior Dash in June, but this had WAY less participants so overall it was a much smaller venue. Tony thought that overall the course was longer, but the obstacles were not as intense. He keeps telling me that I did good for my first time.....hopefully next year I can be a warrior too:)

The Results:
Time: 33:53
7th overall female in my age-group
101st overall out of 396 participants

Pre-Race....can you tell we were cold?

Post-Race....and we were still smiling:)


  1. really not to bad! Have a few random bruises, but I figured that would be the case:)