Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Please, I Can't Even Think About That!

So as most of you know, my mom watches Owen for us while we are at work. She told me that she wanted to retire early and watch him for us when I was about 8 weeks I have never had to think about anyone else watching him.....well that could be changing:( My mom has had back issues every now and then, but after a couple of days she has always been better. She hurt her back a couple of weeks ago and is still struggling to get fact it has only gotten worse. On Friday of last week my dad called and told me that she couldn't watch him. Luckily we were able to find someone last minute for that day. I talked with my mom on Sunday and she said that she was doing better, so I didn't think anything different until I walked into her house on Monday morning and my dad was jeans...which meant that he wasn't planning on going into work. My mom was laying on the couch in pretty obvious pain and when we started talking she asked if we had a "plan b" in case she couldn't watch him anymore. "uhhh, no" I wasn't sure what to say about it, but needless to say I left her house a little stunned. On Tuesday my dad took a 1/2 day and then after Owen went down for his nap he went to work. My mom only had Owen for a short while before I was able to come and get him. We got the rest of this week covered....but I can't even think about where we go from here!

I've never realized until the moment she asked if we had a "plan b" how spoiled we have been to have her watching him. She keeps him late, when he's sick, takes him to the doctor, to the library, to music class, to playgroup, comes to my house when I have an early meeting in the morning and don't want to have to wake him up and many, many other things. But most of all she loves him....and I can't imagine anyone else keeping him for that main reason. I know it is killing her inside to even think of us having a "plan b" let alone us actually having to use it. I get weepy every time I think about having a conversation with her about if we really need to find someone fact Tony is worried that he is going to have to do it! I just keep thinking that after a few doctor appointments she will feel better....because Please, I seriously can't even think about that!

So if you would, please keep my mom (and me!!) in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about grandma. They are seriously the best and we love our home with grandma days. Maybe a part-time daycare schedule could be a plan b? It works well for us. Thinking of you!

  2. Oh no! I hope she feels better. Childcare is such a headache.