Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toddler Bed!!

We have been talking for a while about making Owen's crib into a toddler bed....but daddy has been dragging his feet! He thinks it means that he is growing up too fast:) While I agree that he is growing up too fast, it was time for us to covert his crib. Plus, he has been sleeping in one since January at Gramma and Grampa's house. (she thought it was cruel to make him sleep in the pack-n-play everyday when he was just about too tall to lay long ways in it!) So, I finally convinced Tony to do it last weekend:) At first he "couldn't" find the hardware for the conversion, but low and behold it was no more excuses:)

Daddy figuring out where to start.

Oh wait you need some help?

I am the best helper! He actually did do some of the screws,
Daddy just needed to tighten them:)

Laying in my "big boy bed!!"
He has actually done pretty well...the first day I only had to put him back in 3 times for his nap. He woke up a little early during the first couple of days....hearing "My waked up in my bed mom" at 4:45 in the morning is still cute, but not as much as it would have been at 6:45:) He was also very sick this week with an upper respiratory and sinus infection, so I think not being able to breathe was attributing to the early wake-ups because nap lengths were also affected. He would go back to bed if we told him to, but he didn't seem to stay there long:) Tony and I talked about putting a gate up in his doorway, but I decided that I would "talk" with him about when it was a good time to get up. I told him that he could only get up if mommy and daddy were awake or if the sun was up or we would have to put a gate up. He got upset when I said a gate would be put up and I think he thought it meant we would convert his bed back to his crib.....Tony thought I was crazy but it worked! The next morning he didn't get up until her heard Tony in the kitchen making breakfast before work. This morning he woke up about 6:30...which is about the time the sun is up...Tony tried to tell him to go back to bed, but I caught him peeking around the corner of our door a few minutes later:) Overall he is doing well.....although the gate is still not out of the question if needed!:)

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  1. He looks so long in it! I have been debating about this issue lately. It's a little harder with 2 and they will be instigators together! At least now I know how their beds will look converted since we have the same crib!