Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updates: Toddler Bed and Gramma

Well, I thought I should get on a do a few updates about some of my last topics.....

First, the Toddler Bed: Owen did really well with the toddler bed until about week 2. We really weren't having to put him back in bed at all, then all of a sudden...Boom....he was out several times, both at nap and nighttime! One day I found him sitting in bed with everything removed from the bottom part of his changing table all around him....while squeezing a prescription tube of butt cream out and rubbing it on his hands, face, clothes and bed rails! Thankfully he had emptied the rest of a package of "Boogie Wipes" so the clean up was fairly easy and fast...sans changing his clothes. This seemed to happen at my mom's house as well....did really good for a week or two and then started getting into everything. Guess he just needed to try out his new freedom a little:) Luckily it seems he is back on his good bed lets hope that I didn't just jinx it!

Second...Gramma: After some time she finally decided to go to a chiropractor and have her back checked out. She had been avoiding this option because she had fallen and broken several of her 7!....and they had taken a really long time to heal, so she was worried that while being adjusted she would hurt them again. Thankfully the chiropractor and a little physical therapy has helped immensely! Owen was able to go back to her house this last week. I wouldn't say that she was at 100% on Monday, but definitely tons better than she had been. By the end of the week after a few more appts, so was feeling pretty good. I hope we are able to keep the good progress:) Owen was definitely happy to go back...he asked every morning if he was "going to gramma's house?" I was very happy to tell him yes:)

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