Thursday, November 5, 2009

From 1 to 5

1-that is the number of pillows I used to sleep with. Slowly as the pregnancy has progressed, that number has slowly increased to 5! Who knew it could take so many pillows to feel comfortable when you slept, but apparently that is what I am requiring these days. So lets run them down:
1-The regular old pillow that everyone probably sleeps on--the only one that was used when I went to bed at night before getting pregnant:)
2. This pillow entered when my belly started getting a little bigger. It is a wedge pillow that I stick under my belly when I lay on my side to help from it hanging over and making it a little more comfortable when sleeping on that side.
3. This pillow entered about the same time as the wedge-belly pillow, but this one goes between my knees. I guess the more pregnant you get, the more your hips widen. This can leave your hips a little achy at night, so the pillow between the knees helps to lessen that.

Now--I was at 3 pillows for a long while and was sleeping pretty good. Then a couple of weeks ago I had a terrible couple of nights sleeping on the weekend. Was up several times and actually ended up in the living room on the couch just so I wouldn't wake Tony up. So there needed to be a reassessment of the pillow situation--thus ending up with pillows 4 and 5:)

4. I was having some heartburn, so I added another pillow under the regular old head pillow to help prop me up a little more and reduce the acid back-up. This helped with the heartburn, but I still was just not totally comfortable.......
5. This pillow was just a little add on try--it is one of those soft squishy pillows, and I basically just hug it. Who would of thought that this little addition would be the final ticket to comfortability, but it was.

So, there it is....from 1 pillow to 5 pillows--all to aid in the act of sleeping, who would of thought it! I do have to say that Tony has been great with all of the additions to the bed at night--cause when I need to flip, it is often times an ordeal:)


  1. Jen - that is hilarious! Before you know it you will be back to 1 pillow...gone as quickly as they came! I found the one that ran the length of my body that I hugged made the biggest difference, too. Except that I had 2 of them - 1 for each side - because when I rolled over it was too hard to pull it out of the covers and get reset! Just a few weeks and your bed is going to seem HUGE again!

  2. What Pillows? Load the bed up with as many as you need. Because in about 4 weeks we're going to have a little wiggle pillow to play with in the morning. It's all going to be worth it.

  3. Okay I should probably go on record as saying that I should not have refered to my future son as a pillow. Also it's never good to sleep with your kid in bed with you. Especially if you're fat. Fatties and little babies can lead to disaster. I was talking about mom, dad, and baby being awake and playing on a saturday morning while the dog moans because he's hungry.
    That concludes this public service announcement.

  4. Jen - enjoy sleeping with 5 pillows now - in a few weeks you won't get any sleep at all :) But he'll be worth it!

    I already sleep with 4 pillows - wonder how many I'll end up with? My sister just bought me a pregnancy pillow to give me for Christmas - a little early, but I'll take it.