Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tony and I met with our potential pediatrician on Monday afternoon. She was very nice and now she is not just our potential pediatrician:) She just moved to a new office, which is decorated very cute and kid-friendly. She has 2 large purple couches in her waiting room, along with a little play area and TV with the Disney channel dialed in. There were large murals painted on the walls as well. Her staff seemed really nice as we checked in also.

The doctor came and got us from the waiting room and then gave us a tour of the office. Each of the rooms is decorated with a theme and all have an area within the room of things that the kids can touch and play with while they wait. They have a "sick" side and a "well" side, so that is nice that you don't have to mix with germs when going in for a check-up. She also didn't want the kids to be afraid of the doctor, so once they are older (1 year and up) they go to a "procedure" room in order to get shots, blood draws, etc. That way kids don't get scared just waiting in the exam room-thought that was really cool as well:)

After the tour, we went into one of the "well" rooms and sat down with her and asked our questions and she took a lot of time to answer them. We didn't feel rushed at all, which was nice to see when dealing with a doctor--often times they are in and out of rooms to get on with different patients, so it was nice to feel like we had her undivided attention. She also said that she would be fine on working with me and the immunization schedule, so that was a huge plus as well. She also grew up in the area, so we think that she is planning on sticking around for a while and isn't just passing through town and then moving onto bigger and better things. We left feeling pretty confident in our choice of her as our pediatrician. So that is one thing checked off our list of things to do before he arrives! Did I mention that is just a little over 3 weeks away!

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