Thursday, November 19, 2009


It has been a while since I have been able to get on and update. It is crazy how busy things get towards the end of the pregnancy!

Peri Appt: He was measured again on Monday at my appt. with the perinatologist. The US tech did it this time and he came out at 5lbs 13ozs-which put him in the 58%tile this time. I asked the doctor when he came in if I should be worried because he had seemed to slow down in his growth-he said no that he was still a good weight. He also attributed it to the difference in who performed the US and it was in a different room on a different machine. He said that he was still measuring in a good range, so there were no worries. He also joked that I was becoming a short timer:) Only 2 more appts left there--hard to believe that!

OB Appt: Had another NST and check today at the OB office. He passed his NST with flying colors. Had to get my group B strep tests today--not the most pleasant experience! She also decided to go ahead and do an internal check of things. So far I am still "closed up tight" and she said that is fine with her. She doesn't like to see any effacing and dilating until closer to 37 weeks, so we shall see next week:) I go on Wednesday next week because of the holiday. She stated on the way out that things are just going perfect with this pregnancy--all of my trouble came with getting pregnant, but no problems with staying that way:)

Other stuff: My mom came over on Monday and helped me go through items in the nursery. We began sorting through what we needed and didn't need and then we started washing things. Never knew a little guy could require so much stuff that needed to be washed:) Seemed like the loads weren't that big when we put them in, but with all of the tiny little clothes in there--it was a lot of folding when it came out:) We also made a list of things that were still essential to get before our little guy arrives. Tony and I spent last night going to a few stores and making some returns and trying to get some of those items off of our list of essentials. We plan to spend Saturday doing the rest of the returns and purchasing of items--then we really will be ready for him! We've also finished up most of the Christmas shopping-only a few items left to buy--so that is a relief as well. Finally we did pack the diaper bag for the hospital trip--can't wait to open it and dress him to bring him home! My bag is up this weekend--have a few more items to purchase (of course) and then it will be ready to pack!

Think that is all of the updates for now!

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