Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shower #2

This afternoon I had my second shower. Two of my co-workers, Emily and Cathy, put it together. I know they were worried because it turned out a little smaller than they had hoped, but I had a wonderful time. I felt like I actually got to sit and converse with the people who attended instead of doing "fly-bys" like I did at my first shower. It was very relaxed and I didn't feel rushed to get through anything so everyone could get home:)

We got several more very cute outfits that I can't wait to see our little man in. It was also nice to receive some larger size clothing--with the way this little one seems to be growing he won't be in anything "little" for very long:) We also got some more toys to add to his basket that we have been filling since the first shower. Tony is always excited when I get home and he has a chance to look through everything. He joked with my mom that she could leave her present at the house since he never gets to open anything.....she told him nice try, but he could see it when we got home:)

Overall it was a wonderful time-hopefully I will have some pictures to post soon--but I still haven't gotten ones up from the first shower!!--but I promise to try and get them up. Thanks again Emily and Cathy for a great time!!:)

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