Friday, June 11, 2010

1st Tooth!

So everyday we check Owen's gums several times to see if anything has decided to pop through...well yesterday at bath time I realized that I hadn't checked all day....and low and behold there was something there! He wouldn't let me see and I wasn't going to wrestle him while in the bathtub--safety first! So when we finished I got him out and ran him in his towel to see Daddy--who was in the other shower:) Tony felt it too, but we couldn't get a good look at it. So I took him back and finished getting him ready for bed. When he was all done, I got him into position and finally was able to get a peek at it...bottom right, with the one on the left just about through. Tony took a turn and saw it as well....we haven't done the spoon test yet, but it is there:)

Promise to upload some pics soon. We are off to our first baseball game tonight and I have lots of pics from when our visitors were here!

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