Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Month Stats & Pictures

Our little boy is getting SO big and it is happening way too fast! Thought I would take a few mins to post his stats from his 6-month appointment along with a few of the photos we had taken. There were lots of very cute ones and we had a hard time choosing!

Six Month Stats: Height-27 inches (75%)
Weight-16lbs 8 ozs(25%-50%)
Head-44 cms (50%-75%)

Of course we had to do the Cubs!!

We love the look on his face! He has really been into baseballs lately:)

Pretty soon he'll be as big as the bear!!

This is Daddy's favorite! He was so ready to be done with pictures:)

Our first official family photo!


  1. Great pictures! He is so stinkin' cute! Little baby boys in a polo shirt are just adorable. Really nice family photo, too.

    Where did you go to have them taken?

  2. Thanks! We think he's pretty cute too:) We had them taken at Portrait Innovations out at Grand Prairie.

  3. Oh my gosh I love ALL of them, especially the family picture! So cute and you all look so happy!

  4. Good Cubs photos! Great family photo of you guys, too. How fun!