Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hardest far

So I just officially let my baby cry himself to sleep.....and it was the hardest thing I've ever done! He hasn't been the best napper, but he usually falls asleep when I nurse him (I know--can't believe I'm still doing it with how everything started!!) or when he gets a bottle. Lately though, he has been fighting his sleepy times. Usually he nurses for a few good minutes and is almost asleep and then starts "bucking around" and then refuses to latch back on.....and I'm not shoving my boob in there with his new tooth!! I usually try to hold him and rock him or walk him around after that, but it was a no go. So today I just decided to lay him down in bed, he was obviously tired, turned on the music and walked out. He didn't start crying until the music turned off--it is one of those ones attached to the crib so it only plays for a certain amount of time and then turns off. I decided I would wait 10 minutes and then go check on was a long 10 minutes, but when I looked in his room he was up on his side just about asleep, although he was still crying. So I stood and watched him with my heart breaking each time he would start crying again. I finally decided to walk away and give him a few more minutes and if he wasn't asleep I would go and rescue him. Needless to say when I went to check on him again, he was asleep. He had rolled over onto his belly and was resting peacefully...I leaned down and gave him a few kisses and told him I was sorry:( Hopefully he forgives me when he wakes up!


  1. aww! way to be strong. my mom tells me I was a great napper. I hope baby Libert is too. hm....

  2. Way to go, Jen! The best thing you can do is teach him how to put himself to sleep.

    It can be a little scary seeing a baby come at you full force in excitement with enough teeth that it leaves indentations when they are done nursing. Not that I'm speaking from experience... :) If he is actually feeding, it's not possible for him to bite. It's when he moves his tongue out of the way that you want to be more nervous. And then when he gets a little mischievous twinkle in his eye before he takes a love bite, that's a whole different level. Again, no experience... :)

  3. Listening to the crying always gets to me! Way to go. We took Nolan's pacifier away at 9 months and he cried and cried...more at naptime than at bedtime, so Andy never believed me. It was HARD to listen to it!