Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday we had Owen's baby dedication at the church. It was so wonderful to have family and a few close friends there to celebrate with us. We stood up in front of the church and the senior pastor and children's pastor talked about what a miracle Owen was (don't we all already know that!!) and how important it is to raise him in the "right" way. Owen did really well--he watched and listened to both pastor's as they spoke to us. When the senior pastor took him and prayed, he wasn't too sure at first.....but then he realized that he could grab his microphone, so he was all about that! Mommy and Daddy were fast though and remedied that situation (mommy had to attach the microphone back to the pastor's ear while he was praying!!). He started to cry a little towards the end, but overall did great! We had so much family with us, that we took up almost the whole front of the church! We had everyone over for a luncheon afterwards to celebrate, which was a great continuation of our day. It was a day I had been dreaming about for a long time and it was finally able to happen--I will cherish that memory for a long time:)

Oh--and happy birthday Gramma! (She shared her day with Owen)

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