Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does That Count?

So last Wednesday evening, Tony and I were playing on the floor with Owen working on his crawling skills. Tony got him to take a few "steps" and I remember asking "does that count?" I have a calendar that I got as a gift (thanks Diane B!!) that I am tracking all of his milestones on and I was wondering if I could put the "crawls" sticker on. Tony thought that it counted, so on went the sticker:) Then on Thursday I got a text from my mom saying that he had gone about 6 inches, picked up a toy and then sat down with yes, it definitely counted! So, for the past week we had been enjoying the fact that he WAS crawling, but had yet to figure out that it could take him farther than the 4 or 5 foot radius of his toys. Well, that was until I went to pick him up from my mom's house yesterday afternoon. When I walked in I got the "it's really exciting, but a little sad because it means he's growing up" look. She said that in the past 45 minutes or so that he had "really gotten the hang of it!" So her and grampa demonstrated his new found ability--and then I had the same look she had:)

So last night--yes less than a week after it all began--Tony and I got him on video. It's another one from my cell phone, so it is a little grainy--but you can definitely seem him moving:) (and we do have a really nice video camera that has a video of him crawling--but do you think I can figure out how to transfer the movies!!)

And even tonight he doesn't need to be "enticed" anymore--he just decides that he wants to go places now:) Gone are the days of leaving him in one place and coming back in a minute or two to find him in the relative same place!

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  1. Wow! He's really moving! Now that he's going places you will have discussion on how to keep him contained!