Monday, July 26, 2010


We have recently retired two very important items/toys from the early part of Owen's life. It was sad to see them relegated to the basement storage room, but they had served us well for 7 months and it was time to give them a break......

The Bouncy Seat: This was probably one of the first things we used and was used most often. Actually when I think back--we used it ALL the time. We used to put him in it and sit him on the table during meal times, when we took showers, and I remember carefully putting him in it so that he wouldn't wake up and sitting him next to me while I was on the couch trying to catch a few ZZZ's during those first weeks at home by myself. Then when I was finally feeling up to it, we would put him in it while we were downstairs working out together. I remember being amazed when he finally was able to reach up and pull the handle so the music could play all by himself....5 green and speckled frogs was always in our heads:) It seemed all too soon that he was starting to "sit a little low" in it and he would much rather be sitting up himself rather than sitting in to storage it went to possibly await another Arms' baby in the future.

The Swing: I remember being very excited when we received this as a gift. He was probably a few weeks old before we put him in it, but he seemed to like it. He spent many a naps in there, especially before he was on his wonderful schedule that he has now. We used to take any time that we could get! In the past several weeks it had not been used much....again he was much happier sitting by himself on the is much easier to move about when you aren't "strapped in!" So, it was time to retire the swing as well. May it rest peacefully until it is called into duty again:)

Hard to believe he has outgrown those two items already! Time is flying by....coming up on 8 months! Tony downloaded the videos from the camera, so hopefully soon I will upload a few of those for everyone to see:)

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  1. How is Owen growing up so fast?! I have GOT to get Miles liking his swing and bouncer. He used to like his swing and now he cries every time we put him in. We'll keep trying!