Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

First I want to say Happy Father's Day to my daddy-to-be! I gave him a card this morning with a little note written inside reminding him about how excited I am to be on this journey with him:) (although my mom gave him the same card on Friday!!) Next I'd like to say Happy Father's Day to my Dad--I gave him his card and present and took him to lunch on Friday before he left on vacation. And finally Happy Father's Day to those who wish to be dads and those "animal dads" out there--you are important too!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours has been good. Friday we went to dinner and a movie (The Hangover--very funny!!). Saturday Tony worked downstairs on the basement (almost all of the walls are up!!) and I did a little much needed cleaning. Later in the evening, we went to the mall--I was in desperate need of some new bras! (went up a cup size as well as a "chest" size). We also walked through the Motherhood Maternity Store. I didn't buy anything--not quite there yet, but I am guessing in the next few weeks will need to be spending some money there! I may take my mom or a girlfriend--not sure Tony was the best person to take:) I think the big tops scare him:) He has been very supportive though overall!! (love you honey!) Today Tony is golfing with his dad and brother--I finished up the cleaning here at home and went grocery shopping. I will be meeting them all soon for some dinner. Then I need to come home and do some things for work tomorrow--always fun:)

I do have a picture of me that I will post later. My dad took it before he left on the family vacation we didn't go on. I was exactly 14 weeks--there is a little pooch--so I will post it for those who are out of town and haven't been able to see me yet.


  1. Thanks for the post. For the record I have no problems shoppin in stores that sell bras with an easy off front. I'm actually going to suggest my friends by them for the ladies in their lifes.
    As for the power milker we saw, I'm going to keep that secret to myself.

  2. I was shopping at Target a few days ago and all the Liz Lange maternity stuff (esp the dresses) was way cuter than the non-maternity stuff!! Maybe they will have some stuff out for fall soon when you'll need it more. :)

  3. I've heard good things about Target, so I will definitely hit them up as the time draws nearer! Thanks for the info!