Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know, I know!

I know there are no excuses--I have been slacking on the posting! I apologize. I really do think that things will start to get better. Over the weekend we were busy with a wedding and our first trip to Wrigley together! Sunday was Tony's birthday and we went with his aunt and uncle to the bleachers. It was a great game to go to because the Cubs actually won! We had a really good time, but it is such a long day!

On Monday Extended School Year (ESY) started, which meant two very full days of working! I am one of the on-site supervisors, so everyone is coming to our office to ask questions and get things they need, plus taking care of anything else that comes up! Students started on Wednesday, which meant that 1/2 days started, but the first day is always crazy! Plus I had a dentist appt that afternoon and then I took a much needed nap when I got home:) Today we stayed until 1 for training after ESY and then I went for another intralipid infusion at SIRM. It was nice to see everyone and they all wanted to come and see my little baby bump! Everyone there is so excited for you--almost like they go through it with you--so I was glad to go back and talk to everyone again. I will have at least 2 more infusions, if not 3--it will depend on how the scheduling goes from here on out. Dr. Sher says that you have to go through your 24th week (once every 4-5 weeks). I will be almost 19 weeks the next time I go, which means that I will be almost 24 weeks after that--so probably 3 more! Whatever needs to happen for the baby is fine with me:)

Sorry again for the long delay between posts. I promise I will try to be better!

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