Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Garage Accessory

So I mentioned in my last post that I went on Saturday to pick up our new garage accessory....if you haven't already is a new car:) We went last Wednesday night to look and drive a Mercury Milan Premier. After driving the one they had on the lot, we decided that we really liked the way it handled and that this could be the car for us:) We talked with the salesperson and told her what we wanted in color and features and then her and the sales manager found a few and printed them off for us to look at. We then went to dinner (Mexican again!!) to discuss our options. We left dinner thinking that we would go home and list the blue car and wait for it to sell and then come back and purchase one of the Milans. Well, that was a nice thought:)

On Thursday Tony called to get us pre-approved for the car loan and then he decided that he would call and "talk numbers" with the salesperson--something we hadn't done on Wednesday evening. We made several calls back and forth, as well as texts, to each other during the day. It came to the point where the numbers that they were offering us were just about too good to be true. So, Tony decided to see how good they really were.....and asked them what they would give us for the blue car on trade. He had a number in mind and if they would give us that, we would be buying a car:) Well needless to say, they met that number--sight unseen, going by just what he told them about it--including that the engine light was on! So we went in Thursday night to sign all of the preliminary papers.

There was a little glitch when we got to the dealership.....the car they had printed off the night before had already been now they had to find another one. This seemed to take quite awhile! Finally the salesperson emerged with a car, but it had an extra $300 what? Well, luckily they were going to give us this car with the extra feature for the same price we had agreed on earlier in the day:) So it all worked out in the end. They had to go and retrieve the car on Friday (from wherever it was) and then get it all cleaned on Saturday. So I got to pick it up Saturday afternoon. And not all too soon! It seemed that as soon as the blue car knew we had "given it up" it decided to start acting very weird! In fact, I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the dealership in Peoria! It lurched really bad as I was getting on the interstate and then the engine light started blinking! (I now know that you aren't supposed to drive it when it is blinking!!) I called Tony in Michigan and told him that I would hopefully make it there! I did make it and gladly handed over the keys!
So our new garage accessory is very nice and came at just the right time it seems:) We did get a silver one like in the picture above. It is very nice and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a mid-size 4-door car:) Also it seems that dealerships are very willing to make good deals to move their products--especially at the end of the month:)

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