Monday, July 27, 2009

Bigger Nudges

So, I just posted a few days ago that I had been feeling the little nudges from the baby on a more consistent basis. Well I swear it was only in the next day or two that the nudges became a little bigger, so big that they can be felt on the outside of the belly now:)

It happened on Thursday morning. It was my first day off from work and I was laying in bed thinking strongly about getting up:) I was getting hungry!! So I was laying on my back--yes I know I shouldn't be doing that, but it was only for a few minutes--and the baby started kicking. I joked that it was hungry too! So I decided just for the heck of it to see if I could feel it on the outside. Well, I pressed pretty hard on the spot I had been feeling it and sure enough I could feel the little nudges on my hand. I got very excited because I knew this meant Tony was going to be able to feel it--but I knew he would be upset that he wasn't there the first time! I felt it a few more times--we had a little chat together--and then I decided that I would get up and call Tony. As expected, he was excited but very upset and sad that he hadn't been there for the first time! I told him that we would try that night:)

So that night we went to a Peoria Chiefs game with some friends and I felt it kicking at dinner, but wasn't going to make a scene with everyone around, so I didn't say anything. That night when we got home we were laying in bed and Tony was talking but I wasn't saying much back to him. I finally told him that I was trying to be quiet to see if the baby would start moving again. Well it only took a few minutes and sure enough the little nudges were coming again. I took Tony's hand and put it on my belly. After a minute or so he said he could only feel the heartbeat in his fingers:) I told him that I couldn't make the baby move on command that he just had to be patient. So we waited a few more minutes and there was a definite nudge right where his hand was. He got very excited and yelled when it happened--I told him that now he had scared the baby and that he wouldn't be moving anymore! He apologized to the baby and said sorry for scaring him but that it was very exciting getting to feel him for the very first time:)

So now the little nudges are becoming bigger nudges so Daddy can be a part of the action as well:) Now each morning and night I lay quietly on my back for a few minutes to see if the little nudges will far we have had a pretty good track record:)

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  1. That's so exciting! I remember when that first started for me. Poor Shannon he would always put his hand on my tummy and they would stop moving! No matter how patient he would be. I think they could sense the temperature change in his hand and say "someone's touching me" and get real quiet!