Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I know we have just began our journey into parenthood, but there are already so many decisions to be made. Overall, Tony and are pretty good at navigating them all and actually come to terms pretty quickly--guess that means were are a pretty good match and know each other well:) I think I am the one who keeps being wishy-washy about things or am the one who is making the small ones seem like a bigger deal--oh well, can we blame it on hormones:)

The biggest decision having to be made is the name. If this baby ends up being a girl, we are good to go! We decided on a name almost as soon as we found out that we were pregnant. When it comes to a boy name, I seem to be the one who can't make a decision! Tony has named several, with one being on his top list and I was all for it, now it seems like one day I am good with it and then the next I'm not. I can't figure it out! Tony is getting irritated with me over it, because he wants to know what to call the baby when we find out for sure what kind of parts are brewing down there. I keep saying that we have 5 months before the baby is here--but he isn't hearing it:)

The next decision I am all about lately is the nursery. For some reason this is one decision I think needs to be made right now--Tony keeps reminding me that we aren't for sure that it is even a boy yet:) I went through all of the sites and picked out the top boy bedding sets that I liked and then Tony rated them. I don't know why I think it needs to be made right now, but I am having a hard time deciding on an overall winner in that department. Then to make matters worse, last night I was looking online at the furniture we had decided on and there were buyer comments below it--NO ONE liked it! Great, so looks like back to the drawing board on that one! That was one decision I thought was done and made and now it looks like we might have to revisit it!

One other decision I am dealing with is whether or not to go to the chiropractor. My back has been sore since having to sit in a conference for 2 days at the beginning of the month in terrible chairs. Now, I've always gone to the chiro with no 2nd thoughts about it, but now it is just a little nerve-wracking:) Many people have reassured me that all will be fine if I go, so I think I might call today and make an appt. Especially since I have to go back to that same place for another 2 day conference next week! Not sure I (or my back) could handle it again! I think I might make Tony go with me--just a little moral support, plus he knows the chiro pretty well and won't be worried to ask any questions that I might not think of:)

So, these are just a few of the decisions that we/I am dealing with right now. I know to some it probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but right now they are on my mind:)

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  1. We couldn't decide on a boy name either....I think we finally decided about a week before baby came....The girl name was a lock. Next time, I'm sure we will be back in the same situation!