Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So our trip to Chicago went well overall. The actual 4th stunk--rained and the Cubs lost--I also had my first hormone induced cry! Our dinner plans that night didn't turn out as we had planned and by the time we found a place to eat, I was tired of walking and was wet. I sat down in the restaurant and just began to cry! It was kind of embarrassing, but Tony was very nice about the whole thing and he felt terrible overall anyways. Otherwise, the weekend was great--sans the actual 4th!

So, we have done a little shopping over these past few weeks--actually bought some things and are preparing to buy some others. One of the things we bought was a baby name book. If this baby does end up being a boy, we were having a little trouble agreeing on a name, so we thought we could use a little help. We had pretty much agreed on a girls name, but the boys was harder. I have such a hard time with names anyways since I work in education--some names just have bad connotations. But, I think that we have come to a conclusion as of today.....but you will have to wait until birth to find it out what it is:)

Another thing we have been shopping for is furniture and bedding. We won't officially buy the bedding until the sex is confirmed, but sometimes it can take some time to receive the furniture after ordering, so we thought we better start looking. We got a couple of catalogs and then have been looking online as well. I think we found some furniture that we both like and we will be ordering soon. We have a few options for bedding that we have in mind--but so far we have pretty much agreed on most things. It is amazing how expensive some of that stuff adds up to be!

We also bought a few baby items while we were in Chicago. Nothing too big, but we have both refrained as of yet to begin buying things. I think the "no buying" started a little out of fear, but now we are embracing the fact that we will have a baby in a little over 5 months! We bought a bib from Harry Caray's and a pair of Cubs socks:) That was all, but it was a start for us:) It has been fun to be looking and dreaming about how things will look--we've been waiting a long time!

Tony has been working his tail off downstairs these past few weeks-which has meant more shopping for building materials. He has all of the walls up and is ready to start the electrical soon. Then it will be time to drywall! He is feeling the pressure to get it done so we can move the things out of the "nursery to be" and get started in that room. I keep telling him that he is doing fine and even if it's not finished that we can still move on with the nursery, there just might be more "stuff" piled up downstairs.

Overall we have been pretty busy with things. We are getting pretty excited about things--in fact Tony thinks that time is moving slowly:) I will probably be doing some more shopping this weekend for some maternity items--all of my old pants are definitely not fitting--and I'm down to only a few shirts that I feel comfortable in. Pretty soon I think I'll be ready to wear more form fitting stuff, but I still feel like I just look bloated:)....anyways, I have another dr. appt tomorrow afternoon, so I will update afterwards.

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