Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Official Freak Out!

So, I had my first official freak out of the pregnancy! I didn't even really tell anyone about it, well except Tony of course and my mom:) So the baby had been moving a ton over the last few weeks. It seemed like anytime I sat still, he was movin' and groovin'. Well, over the weekend I didn't really feel him. There was a random kick here and there, but nothing really substantial like it had been. So of course Tony noticed because usually in the morning when we are waking up or at night when we are laying in bed, he gets to feel him.....but nothing over the weekend! So we both got a little worried about it and I tried to stay calm. Well at about 2AM this morning when I got up to pee, my worrying got the worst of me. I tried to go back to sleep, but just kept thinking that maybe something was wrong. It was almost to the point of my waking Tony up and telling him to take me to the hospital for an ultrasound! Luckily I was able to go back to sleep and this morning I about cried when I felt him moving around! Tony felt better too, but we were both a little nervous for our appt this afternoon. Of course now as I type this I can feel him moving around---seriously mom, there is nothing to worry about!

Speaking of appt......everything was fine. His heart rate was 154 and my belly (which was measured for the first time) measured perfectly. We did have a lot of questions for Dr. R. (the other doctor in the practice) and he very patiently answered all of them. He talked about my back and told me to keep exercising with PT (but didn't really sound like he cared if I quit), but said that it is all due to how my body is reacting to keeping my center of gravity with all of the extra weight. He said that nightly back-rubs were a must and that I could even do some light weight-bearing exercises with my "home-trainer!" I asked about the flu vaccines and he said that they both would be a must, but it would depend on when the H1N1 actually hit the market-especially with my due date-on whether I would get it or not. I've also been having a little more burning, bleeding, and stinging with my Lovenox injections, so he suggested rotating between each side of my tummy and the tops of my thighs. There is also foot and mouth disease going around one of the schools I consult with, but he said it was fine for me to go there but to just practice good hand-washing skills while I was there. I also asked about the lack of movement and he said that babies will do that from time to time. He said that starting with my next appt. we would start tracking kick counts, so that would give us a better idea of how active he was. When all was said and done and he assured us that we didn't sound paranoid (believe me, we asked!!) we felt better about everything!

So my next appt with the OB will be in 4 weeks or so. I have to have the 1 hour glucose test done to check for gestational diabetes (Aunt Jill has already given me pointers on what is and what isn't good to eat before that test!!), get to have my first Non-stress Test (NST) and a regular check-up with the doctor. The NST was recommended by the perinatologist, so we just made it a party of an appt.! Since I will be seeing the Peri on Monday's, Dr. R. suggested we come to that office on Thursdays so we could space it out in the end when I am going weekly to both places! So, let the appt's begin!

Oh and we start our 4 weeks of childbirth classes tomorrow night!


  1. She's going to be ripped when i get done with her....Welcome to my pain cave....

  2. Childbirth classes - enjoy! Lots of stuff that is fascinating and some "holy cow" moments. You're getting closer!

  3. Childbirth classes will definitely make it feel more real!!