Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I had my first physical therapy appt this afternoon. Needless to say, nothing really much happened. I filled out some paperwork and they checked out my insurance coverage. The therapist then watched me walk and did some different stretches with me. He also went over some strength training exercises to help strengthen my lower back. He then checked on my back, feeling around on the muscles to see where it was tight. He ended the session with some electric stimulation on my back with ice--it felt nice:) At times he was a little perplexed on how to accommodate me because I couldn't really lay on my stomach--although he did ask if I still could! Didn't he see the huge bump in front--who would think it would be comfortable to lay on that thing! Of course when I told Tony that, he wondered if I had gotten his card to see what initials he had after his name:) He wanted to know his qualifications because he's not sure he gave me anything pertinent to do that would help my back. The good news is that they want me to come 3 times a week--isn't that great! I only scheduled through next week because I want to see how the next session goes since I am thinking he didn't really do much of a therapy session--just an evaluation. I did do my exercises tonight, so I will give it the old college try! We'll see how it goes.....I'll keep you posted:)

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