Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for a Change...and More Appts!

So I decided to change the colors and page set-up of my blog. It was time:) I decided to go with more blue instead of the pink to honor our boy! The pink was getting a little hard on my eyes:)

Overall things have continued to go well. We had a good weekend, not too busy but definitely had some things to do:) I got caught up on laundry and Tony helped a friend move. Unfortunately things with my back have not gotten any better, in fact maybe a little worse. Now it feels like I have pulled the muscle that runs under my "chest area" along my ribs on my right side. So, I called the doctor's office today to see if I could be cleared to do some light weight-bearing exercises to see if I could help to strengthen the muscle that has been giving me so much trouble. The nurse thought that sounded like a good idea, but wanted to check with the doctors to make sure there wasn't anything else that I should or could be doing. Well, it turns out that they want me to go to Physical Therapy! I was a little surprised at that, but I guess I understand that they want to make sure that I don't end up hurting myself more with something I might do at home. (Although I have a pretty good trainer of my own here at home, if I do say so myself!!-love you honey!) So, I had to call the insurance company and see where I could go and then call the office back so they could set something up for me. They should call tomorrow to let me know when my appt will be. So, add that to my list of ever growing appts:) Although, I'm really not complaining--waited too long for this baby to do that!

Oh--and our bedding and all of our furniture arrived! So much for 3 weeks! Now we just have find someplace to put it all while we are still finishing the basement....kind of a hard task to do with all of the HUGE boxes!

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