Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help = Progress

So I know I have mentioned in past posts that Tony has been working on getting part of the basement finished. Since he began, he has done most of the work by himself when he has had time. He has had a few people come over and help from time to time, but the majority had been completed solely by him. I have to say that I was very impressed with his carpentry skills:)

Well, over the past two weeks he/we have had a lot of help getting things done downstairs. I have to admit that last weekend I had grandiose visions of having the whole thing drywalled after everyone left, which definitely did not get done:) But we have made some major progress! That is all thanks to a bunch of help from our family and friends. Tony finally decided that he could not do everything by himself and asked for some help. He/we have really appreciated the effort and time everyone has put in to help us get this far. I haven't really been able to help much with the process, so I really appreciate the help as well. (Aunt Jill did help me clear out the sports stuff from the soon-to-be-nursery and pack it away, so it was nice to feel like I added to the process for once!) Unfortunately, as with every home project it seems, things do not always go as planned and there are some set-backs, so we are not as far as we thought we would be by this point. I keep telling him that things will be fine and we will work until we run out of time or money:) Then we will just have to wait until we have more time or money before moving on...it isn't something that HAS to be done before the baby is here, just something that would be nice to have done.

So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped!

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