Monday, August 3, 2009

And The Results are In......

Well, to those of you who voted with the majority--you were correct! It's a boy! It was a little difficult to see at first with the position of the baby, but then he shifted and gave us a good look at his goods! There was definitely something there between the legs. Tony started jumping up in down in the room when she pointed everything out:) We got several new sono pics as well. I hope to get one up and loaded soon. There was one with a very good view of the face and the arms were up by it--very cute. The sonographer said everything looked great, baby had good blood flow and everything appeared to be normal and perfect. We were very happy with that assessment.

After the sono we stayed to see Dr. B. She too looked over the pics and said everything looked good. She even said my cervix looked great--then commented that only an OB/GYN could appreciate a picture of a cervix:) I asked her when she was going to refer me to the perinatologist/maternal fetal medicine specialist and she said--right now. So on my way out they contacted the doctor's office at Methodist and got me an appointment for 2 weeks from today. She just wants me to have some extra monitoring because of my APA syndrome which I am still taking the Lovenox injections for, not for anything dealing with the baby.

So needless to say we are over the moon with our news. Now we just have to nail down bedding and furniture for the nursery and we will be well on our way. I did buy a few outfits last week, so they are already hanging in the closet--Tony was worried I would jinx us, but I didn't:) So congrats to those who voted correctly--we can't wait to meet our little boy in about 4 1/2 months!


  1. YEP YEP YEP. Let me draw a picture to symbolize what we saw today 8====0. Which is awesome cause i'm only like 8=====0 so he's off to a heck of a start.

  2. Melissa asked me if I had heard the news and I haven't been to your blog lately, so now I'm catching up :-) Congrats!! It makes it so much more real, doesn't it!?