Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Year Stats and Pics

Owen had his 2-year (sniff, sniff) well-baby check-up on Wednesday of last week. The doctor said he is doing amazing and is right on track developmentally....which is always nice to hear:)

Here are the stats:
weight: 27.2 lbs (25 %)
height: 35 inches (50-75 %)

So, he is still tall and skinny....just like his daddy was at this age:) He is talking up a storm! I love hearing his little voice and so far (knock on wood) he has not picked up any bad words. We have to remind other people when they are around to watch what they say! Owen is still a great eater, although he's still not a huge fan of meat. He has finally found the joys of M & M's and other small pieces of chocolate, but overall is still not a huge sweets eater. In fact, on his birthday he said that ice cream was "ack!" Made me laugh:) He loves anything with wheels, but his favorite is still trains....especially Chuggington! He got some of the trains for his birthday, so he has had a good time playing with them the past week. He has also really gotten into watching Elmo's World on Sesame Street. Other than that, TV is on the bottom of his "to do" list, which is perfectly fine with me!

Here are some of the pics from his 2-year photo session. We think he's a pretty cute little boy:)


  1. So hard to believe it's been 2 years. He's adorable!