Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cycle Update

I wanted to give an update on how the current cycle is going....First and foremost...I am hugely bloated! Since this is the biggest dose of Follistim I've ever been on, I kind of figured I would feel this way, but I feel extremely large! This is probably coupled by the fact that I can't work out and the dex makes me eat everything in site:( Needless to say, I'm feeling large! The new shots are going well. I've kind of gotten into a routine with how to prepare them, so that has been nice. The new E2V shots (booty shots) have gone well too. I've only needed two of them so far and Tony has done a great job of giving them. In fact, I didn't even feel the second one go in! Tony joked that he hoped that he did it right:) I have my first monitoring appt tomorrow, so I will know more then. I'm a little nervous because I felt bloated last time and then learned that I really wasn't responding to the meds, so I'm hoping for a better report tomorrow.

One other change for this cycle is that Tony is starting a new job tomorrow (YEA!!!)....which means that I had to change insurance in the middle of a cycle (BOO)! It always seems to happen this way! I'm very excited for Tony and this new opportunity, but changing insurances overall is always a pain....but especially during the middle of a cycle. Also, since his new job's insurance does not cover infertility (even though IL is a mandated coverage state!!) it means that I will go back on my works insurance and he and Owen will go on his new plan. I don't like us being on different plans, such a hassle at times, but we wouldn't have the opportunity to continue with the IVF if I didn't. So, hopefully I have everything squared away and I don't have to make a million phone calls in a couple of weeks when all the charges start going through!

So, there is the update for now.....hope to have more to post about tomorrow:)

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  1. Sending good thoughts your way!

    Agreed on insurance. MAJOR pain. Hope it was smooth.