Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I got the call on Tuesday morning that transfer was still on for later that afternoon. I asked the nurse about my embryos but she said I had to wait until I got there. This made me a little frustrated because Tony was not going to be able to come with me due to his new job, so we wanted a little bit of time to discuss what we wanted to do beforehand...but no such luck.

My mom took me for transfer...her first experience....and when we got there they were waiting for us. I took my valium and then went to the room. We found out that they were doing 3 transfers all about the same time, so it took a while before someone from the lab came in to talk to me. Finally they did...and this is what he said I had:
1 grade 2 6-cell
3 grade 3 4-cells
Yep...if you are keeping track that is one more than they originally told me. Apparently one fertilized late....normal embryos should be between 7-10 cells on day 3, so none of them were really stellar. The grade 2 was probably the best one.....and then he said that the Dr suggested that we put them all in! Tony and I were kind of thinking maybe just the best one...a little more conservative since we already have this took me a little by surprise. He said that they didn't think the grade 3's would turn into a pregnancy but that the literature suggests that they might help the body know that there was something there that might be worth holding onto. I said I needed to call Tony before I could say yes. They were fine with that, except I had to get redressed and go out into the waiting room to get a signal. It took me a minute to convey all the info to Tony and then we decided to just go ahead with the Dr's suggestion. So we transferred all 4!

So, I have been a bum for the past 36 hours, thanks to my mom who kept Owen overnight. It is weird to think that I could maybe be pregnant again. To be honest I'm not very optimistic, but I'm trying to stay positive:) My blood tests aren't until 12/30 and 1/ it will be 2012 before we know for sure. I've never been one to take a home pregnancy test beforehand...just adds extra worries to the whole process in my opinion. Plus, when I did get pregnant with Owen, the numbers would not have shown positive on a pregnancy test......who knows though;)

Now the hardest part will be the 10 pound lifting restriction....not gonna happen with a 2 year old who doesn't think daddy can do anything as well as mommy, but I will try my best.


  1. Yay yay yay! Good decision on all. :)
    I'm one who does the pregnancy tests even though I know I shouldn't. I'm soooooo impatient.
    Can't wait to hear!

  2. So exciting, but the waiting now...blah! I will be praying!!

  3. Stay positive and know we're all sending thoughts and prayers your way!

  4. I know what you'll be asking Santa for this year! Keeping you in my thoughts...I wouldn't be able to stand the waiting!

  5. Hopeful for you!

    When my kids have wanted to be picked up and I couldn't (for various reasons), I have given alternatives. Hold my hand...Sit next to me, etc.

    Anxiously awaiting the news!