Thursday, April 5, 2012

Potty Training: Day 3

Day 3 went pretty well. I watched him like a hawk for possible pooping and I caught him about 3 different times....when I asked what he was doing he would answer "I'm doing nothing Mom" (love that!!!) I asked if he was pooping and he said yes, so off to the potty we went. I was a little late one time, but all other times when we went to sit on the potty he miraculously didn't have to go anymore. We sang, we read books, I had the suckers on the counter for him to see...but no poops in the potty. He said his belly hurt by the end of the day....didn't know if he was constipated because of something he ate or by choice:) Peeing, went pretty good....only one accident in the morning.

We had basically been at home for 2 days and I really wanted to take him to Toddler Time at the Library, so I decided to be safe and put him in a pull-up for that. I really didn't want to use them because I felt like they defeated the purpose of him knowing when he was going, but I didn't want a wet carseat again or a mess at the library:) He was pretty excited about the Pull-Ups too, so that was a good thing! So off we went...he peed before we left, when we got there, after story time and another time when we were playing....and he was dry the whole time. He overheard another mom talking about going to the park and he begged me to go too.....I finally gave in and took him. He had a little juice left so I let him have that while he played. We were only there about 45 mins or so and when we got home....he was still dry! Yea!! I had limited his juice a little as well, but I was still very proud of him. He had one other small accident (in a Pull-Up) after his nap, but he told me when he was going so I still praised him......

Day 4 should be interesting....more on that tomorrow:)

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  1. Don't get discouraged! Sounds like you're both doing great. Each of my boys took close to a week before they were fully potty-trained with no more accidents. Griffin is 4 and still has issues with not waking up at night when he has to pee though. Seems to be fairly common, which I learned when I finally discussed my "dirty secret" and heard so many other moms share similar nighttime struggles. Nora is the same age as Owen, but she just isn't ready to start potty training. I kinda wish she was ready, but I'm also glad I don't have to tackle that yet! I hope you guys have continued success!