Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Potty Training: Day 1

I'm on spring break this week so I thought that I would tackle potty training while I was off. I was a little excited and nervous...wondering how it would go and if he was really ready for it. Overall, Day 1 went extremely well. I put him in underwear when he woke up and took him to the bathroom every 30-35 minutes. I set the timer on the stove so that I would remind myself to take him....I think that's the hardest part sometimes! He did really well and went each time....he earned an M&M or skittle when he went, which he really liked. He did however sneak away and poop two times in his underwear....I told him this made me sad....and because he knows what he is doing when he does it! I pulled out the dum dum suckers for when he pooped...put them in the bathroom, but unfortunately he never pooped again. He even did well at a grandparents house when I had to drop him off when I went for class last night. They also took him every 30 minutes and he stayed dry all night....didn't need any of the 3 extra sets of clothes I left for them:) Needless to say I was feeling pretty encouraged after yesterday! I'll let you know how today is going after we are totally finished with Day 2:)


  1. That's awesome! Hope it goes well this week!!!!

  2. And so the next step into the journey of toddlerhood begins...welcome to the ride!