Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diet and Exercise

This is a guilt post....because I have not been good at either thing lately.

Exercise: Around the time I got pregnant with Owen, Tony found CrossFit.  He has always been into working out and he is always wanting to try new and innovative things.  CrossFit is a little hard to explain, but basically a guy combined a whole bunch of workout techniques: plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics to just name a few.  A lot of the workout of the days (WOD) are time-based and they are short because you try to finish it quickly.  Others are strength based and you try to break your last personal record (PR).  I really feel like I am doing a poor job of explaining it, so check out the link CrossFit.  There have also been several CrossFit gyms opened up in the past year or so in the area as well.  So, Tony started out doing a few of the WODs at home or when he went to the gym, but with having a new baby he didn't want to be gone from the house a lot.  So we made an executive decision for him to cancel his gym membership and spend that money instead on some things for our home gym....we had a few things, but it was sparse.  I thought he was crazy when I saw him do a few of the WOD's, but after having Owen I decided that I needed to be better about working out, so I started doing CrossFit as well.  We put it into our daily routine...went downstairs after we got home from work...and it has stuck really well.  Owen has been going with us since he was just a little baby in his bouncy seat, and it was important to us to instill good habits in him.  We want him to see us working out and know that it is good for you:)  We have also gotten into running...Tony more than I...but I do openly admit that I like it and the way it makes me feel.  We each usually run 2-3 miles a few times a week on avg.

Well...being in cycle I am not allowed to exercise once I start my stimulating medicine up until the point I find out if I'm pregnant.  This is several weeks of time....I try to tell myself that I will walk or do something light, but since I'm used to working out hard, it is difficult to for me to do.  I've tried to take the dog for a walk a few times, but I really need to be better about it!

Diet: One of the things about CrossFit is eating REALLY healthy.  People who do it "for real" either eat the Zone Diet or the Paleo Diet.  Tony has tried both of these things in the past, but I have a harder time giving up my carbs and dairy products.  So since I didn't do it with him, he had a hard time keeping to it.  I begrudged him his nightly dinner recipes....a few I would have rather not had....but after a while he just kind of gave up on it.  Well, I had a friend (shout out to E.P.!!) who decided to try the Paleo Diet with her boyfriend for a whole month.  She blogged about her results and I was impressed.  I mentioned to Tony one night that I might be willing to try it....and he was all over it!  Basically the Paleo Diet is called the "caveman" diet.  You don't eat anything that the cavemen didn't have.  No dairy, no carbs, no processed foods....this would mean a huge overhaul for me!  We decided to try it in March...let me tell you, the first couple of weeks sucked!!  We actually got angry one night when we went out to eat with Tony's mom because we couldn't have the food we wanted!  We laughed about it afterwards, but in the moment it really stunk!!  It takes a lot of planning in advance as well....and it's not cheap!  Why is eating healthy so expensive by the way?!?!  Anyways, after a few weeks we really started to notice a difference.  We decided to try and stick with it as best we could from that point one.  We had also decided to give ourselves 1-2 cheat meals a week as well, which helped with the stress of everything as well.

Lately though....I have been terrible about cheating....I have not been able to walk past the candy bowl at work and I feel like I am craving bad things!  Tony said he has been having a hard time too....so at least it's both of us!:)  I think since I can't workout, I just figure what the heck-lets eat like crap too!  We are both trying to be better this week....hopefully we can get back on track....and I won't feel the need to write another guilt post:)


  1. If people could see how this lack of diet and exercise has affected your body I'm sure they would smack you for complaining. Translation = She still looks hot