Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final Cycle: Moving On

Well, now that I am "officially" done with all IVF treatments it is time to move on.  I had a few rough moments last week when I got my results, but overall I think I felt relief.  There will be no more "what ifs" when we are thinking about our future.  We can plan and talk about doing things without thinking about treatments or if I would be pregnant.  I'm ready to have a huge garage sale and pass on Owen's baby stuff to others....Tony said maybe I should wait a little bit in case I'm not as ready as I say I am.  Anyways, it would be later in the summer because I'm taking two grad classes this summer plus working our Summer School we'll see how I feel at the end of the summer....I think I'll still be ready though.....  I have a friend who is pregnant, so I offered her my maternity clothes...I will be sad to see those go (Tony said he wouldn't mind those being gone!!) because I had really hoped to experience a pregnancy again, but it will be nice to pass them on to someone else who needs them.

I was talking with a friend (who also went through IVF and just recently found out that she will only be having one baby) and she said that she was doing fine until she saw someone post pictures of a 2nd baby on FB.  She said she had been fine and then all of a sudden it hit her.  I'm sure I will have my moments over time, but I don't want Owen to ever think that I am not happy with just having him.  He is someone that at one point I wasn't sure would ever come into my life and when he did I was SO happy.  He is our everything now and we can move forward with our family, which we are so ready to do!

And thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts about the was very nice to know I had so many people thinking about me.

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  1. Love you girl! And your right....that Owen is such a blessing! What a great kid!