Friday, May 11, 2012

Kidney Update

A couple of weeks ago Owen had his 6-month check up with the pediatric urologist.  This meant an ultrasound first at the hospital and then over to the Dr.'s office afterwards to review the results.

Owen did amazingly well during the ultrasound.  The lady was really nice, but she was SLOW!!!  My mom and I packed a few suckers to hopefully make it through the test....but Owen has discovered biting suckers instead of sucking on them:)  Needless to say we went through a few larger suckers while we waited for this lady to finish.  He laid really well, and at one point asked if he was getting his belly cracked!  (that is in reference to going to chiropractor appointments with both Gramma and Daddy).  We assured him that he was not and we tried to interest him in looking at the blurry pictures on the screen as he "crunched" his suckers....when she finally finished we headed over to the office.

Unfortunately, the results of the test were not stellar.  The good news: Both kidneys are growing well and the right kidney only has a bit of fluid on it, but she is not worried about it.  The bad news: The left kidney has gotten worse since 6-months ago.  She didn't necessarily say "what" was worse about it, but she wasn't happy with how it looked.  She wants to do another renal wasn't dire and needed right away, but by this summer.  I asked her if the results of the renal scan came back bad what that would mean....and her answer was surgery before the end of the year!  She thought that if surgery was needed that he would be a candidate for having it done laparoscopic, so that was a plus....but I don't really want him to need surgery!  We got the renal scan scheduled for June 1st-they only do them in the afternoon so Tony will be taking a 1/2 day off to come with me.  This was not a fun experience the last time he had one done, so I can only hope that it is better this time....We won't see the Dr until almost a week later on June 7th to find out the results.  We are hoping and praying for good results that mean no surgery!

I also asked if his UPJ could do anything to hinder potty training....her answer was I guess that just means that I have no excuses:)  We are still wearing pull-ups and he still is just not telling us when he has to go, but will go when we take him.  When school is out in a few weeks, we will hit it hard again:)

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