Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final Cycle: Going Rogue and CD11

So today was my CD11 appt.  I only had an ultrasound as measuring my estrogen really doesn't tell them anything because I'm taking extra of it.  My lining measured at 13 still good on that front.  My eggs had grown a little, mostly 16's or so though.  That means one more night of meds and back tomorrow for another ultrasound.  Hopefully I will trigger tomorrow night and have retrieval on Saturday....yes this is bad news for Tony's golf outing but we are hoping for an early time so he doesn't miss too much of it:)

As for the going rogue part....during my December cycle they added an antibiotic to my protocol.  It is something that I have seen other centers do on their protocols, but it wasn't done at mine.  I guess since we are on a steroid we are more prone to catching they give an antibiotic to just be cautious of that fact.  Well I was a little worried last cycle because lets just say that I am a little "sensitive" when it comes to taking antibiotics.  In fact, I have a long standing prescription for diflucan from my OB/GYN because of it.  I told them this last cycle and they told me to go ahead and take it...and low and behold I got a yeast infection!  And the worst thing was that I couldn't take ANYTHING for it because of my cycle.  So, it is on my protocol this time too....and I'm not taking it!  Not doing that was a miserable couple of weeks, let me tell ya!  So, I'm going rogue:)

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