Monday, September 14, 2009

2nd Peri Appt

Sorry this post is so late, but those of you who know us realize that we are HUGE Buffalo Bills fans, so we were a little busy tonight. While we were not expecting a win from the start, I do have to say that there may have been a little hope coursing through the house that we might actually be able to thwart Tom Brady and his band of merry men....that is until 1:56 left in the game.....but I digress.....

This morning we had our 2nd Perinatologist appointment. It was pretty quick overall. The nurse took us back almost immediately and went over history. She then talked about beginning to track Fetal Movement Counts and gave me a sheet on how to do it. She then had to page the doctor because he was not in his office. The Peri actually did the sono this time and not the US tech. He was "all business" as the nurse stated after he left:) He checked his heart, fluid, movements, and sizes--also confirmed again that he is definitely a "he". He was head down, right up against my placenta, so not a good day for a 3D--we really didn't even get a good picture to post. The good news is that everything looked good. I couldn't really see everything until a quick view at the end (the doc had the screen turned away--probably because what he sees isn't always good for some patients), but Tony was able to watch. His head measured right on, but his thigh bone measured a full week and a day ahead! Sounds like he might be a long boy at birth! They estimated his weight at 2lbs 3ozs, which put him in the 63%tile--so maybe a little chunky at birth too, if we keep up this pace. The doctor was very pleased and said everything looked good, which we always like to hear:) I do start seeing him every week, so I made my next appt for next Monday AM. The doc will be out of the office, so I will see the US tech....and maybe get another 3D pic to post:)

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  1. Overall I was proud of the way baby Cockburn handled the loss. He kicked mom in the placenta and head butted her bladder. Sounds violent but it was his first loss. It's to be expected.