Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Childbirth Class #3

So last night was our third childbirth class. It was supposed to start with a tour of the OB floor, but when we arrived there was a "situation" going on, so we went downstairs first. We all guessed that there was a slight emergency going on and they needed the floor clear of any extra people:) So we headed downstairs to begin the class. When we got downstairs the instructors had 9 different stations set up which were different positions or options to use during labor. At each station there was a card describing the "option" and then they told us when a contraction was starting (60 second ones) and then we were to practice the option with our partner until it was over. There were often times a few different ways to use each position, so you could try the two you thought might work best. It was actually very informative--found some things that did not feel comfortable when I wasn't already in excruciating pain--so we have some ideas of things that might work for us. After going through each of the stations, they called the floor and we were able to go back upstairs for our tour.

It was very neat to see the floor. We got to look in all of the empty rooms, starting with the rooms where you go after delivery. They have 3 large LDR (labor and delivery rooms) on the floor as well. This is where you start and end labor, as well as have your "sacred hour." We got to look in two of them (1 was in use). We were all very impressed with their size and especially the labor tubs--although I am sad because I will probably not be able to use the tub since I will most likely be induced and have to be constantly monitored throughout labor. Then we all sat in one of the rooms on chairs to go over a "mock delivery situation." Tony happened to be the closest "partner" next to the bed, so he was asked to be the volunteer patient. He was pretty sure that the instructor was sad she asked him when it was all said and done. She then went through all the ins and outs of labor, showed all the monitoring equipment, IV's, protocols for what happens when they have to start pitocin, getting an epidural (she finally had to convince Tony to go for the epidural--he kept saying he was all woman and could handle it!!), etc. They didn't go through the actual "pushing phase" but all the other aspects were covered. Again very informative and at times I felt like I was the only one asking questions....oh well, wanted to make sure I got the most out of the class:) We then watched a movie--Tony got to stay in bed--about having a C-section even when it's not planned. Finally they took us back to the C-section room (got all dressed up in booties, gowns, and hats) so we could see it--just in case one of us had to have one. She said inevitably, one couple from each class always ends up having to have one for some reason or another.....hope that one couple isn't us:)

I have to say that I really enjoyed this class and Tony was a wonderful sport through all of the "mock positions" and especially with being the patient in labor:) I now have a TON of questions for Dr. B at our next appt--just about the possibilities of things and how does she decide on certain things, like when to break the bag of water, how long is too long in labor before moving towards a c-section, etc, etc. Aunt Jill--you might want to warn her:) Hopefully she doesn't get annoyed or think it is too early to start discussing all of this, but I even dreamed about it all last night and have been thinking about it today during my "down times." I'm sure it is normal, or at least I hope it is:)


  1. Jen - obviously my experience was unique but what I learned most was to have no set plan! Even when we had a lamaze reunion time and listened to other people's stories, most of them did not go as the person thought it would. So the best advice is to be prepared but be open so you can adapt to your situation. Wish I could have been there to see Tony...what a catch you have!

  2. 91 days!!
    I'm so friggin excited. We've waited so long for this and it's getting closer to becoming a reality.
    Okay, now I'm going to go lift weights, watch sports, and listen to heavy metal music.