Monday, September 21, 2009

3rd Peri Appt and Misc......

Today was our 3rd appointment with the Perinatologist. He wasn't there, so the US tech did the sono. Tony was a little worried that we wouldn't get a 3D shot, so he asked for one:) She tried at the very end, but he was being a little stinker and hiding in the way far back of my uterus and then even turned his face into the placenta so you couldn't see him! It was like he knew we were looking and he wanted no part of it. We did get a good profile shot that I will go ahead and post, but most of the 3D ones are not that great. We also got to see him yawning which was really cute! All in all, the appt was basically a "well-baby" check-up and he scored 8/8 on their bio-physical scale, so all is good:)

I had some other miscellaneous things that I had wanted to post about but hadn't gotten around to it, so I thought I would add it in here since there wasn't much to report from the appointment.
  • Well, I thought that I would be able to quit therapy.....but no such luck. When I called the OB office, the doctor wanted me to continue with it some more and even prescribed me a muscle relaxer to take. I wasn't really sure that I wanted to take more medicine, especially something like a muscle relaxer, but I have taken it a few times and it seems to help. I can't really take it during the day since it makes me really sleepy....we'll see how much longer until I ask to quit again:)

  • The basement is ready to be painted! We had the drywall finisher here last week and he got it all done and it looks great! We are having our first painting party on Wednesday night to start down there with the priming is getting a lot closer to being done:)

  • We also had the drywall finisher look at the soon-to-be-nursery. I had painted red and blue stripes on the wall to accent the sports memorabilia......well painting stripes may not have been the best idea. They had to be painted on pretty thick to cover, so needless to say it would have been difficult to get covered again without permanent lines. So the drywall finisher came back tonight and fixed the walls for in a couple of days it will be ready to start getting painted---yea!!

  • Lastly, I got to feel the first round of hiccups this morning. I had just woke up and rolled over and he started, what I thought at least, was kicking. But it was very rhythmic, so after a few times I finally figured out it was the hiccups. I grabbed Tony's hand and had him feel, so we both got to experience it--very cool!
  • Oh wait--one more.....we are less than 90 days away from meeting this little guy! Good thing we are finally getting around to painting his new room!!!

So that is about it for now. We have our last baby class tomorrow night....hard to believe that 4 weeks has gone by! I'll post the good profile picture below for you to see:)

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