Monday, September 7, 2009

Registering Complete!

Tony and I spent today going around and getting our baby registry's complete. After walking through several stores since we found out that we were pregnant, we had narrowed down our choices to two stores. We ended up registering at Target and Baby Depot. We tried to remember to register for everything that we thought that we might need throughout the first year or so of life of our little baby boy. Of course he got to use the gun (the only reason he enjoyed himself at times!!) and we just walked through the aisles one at a time looking at all of the possibilities. I was sure that somewhere along the way I received an email with all of the registry essentials, but do you think I could remember where it was when we were getting ready to leave this morning? Sure couldn't, so we did the best we could without it:)

Registering is often times a little difficult. You don't want to seem too greedy, asking for everything little and big thing under the sun, but you also want to make sure that you have enough items listed in a wide variety of prices for the upcoming shower(s). I know that some people will buy things not listed on the registry and that is fine with me. Perhaps I have forgotten something that they found they could not live without--more power to them because they have been through it before:) They also say not to register for clothes because of course by the time some people will go through the stores, those items may no longer be there and all the "experts" say that most people can't resist buying a little outfit at times.

So hopefully we did a good job:) Both stores have a wide-variety of items and prices listed. We are now more excited than ever for this little one to arrive! We are in the home-stretch with the basement (might even get to call to have some estimates for the drywall finishing this week!!) and are looking forward to setting up the nursery soon. It's hard to believe that we are almost less than a 100 days until the "official" due date.

Oh yeah--I will have to get online tonight and update one of our registry's.....when I was looking over the printed version on our way home, there was an 8-person family tent listed! Tony swears he didn't scan it.....and honestly I don't know when he would have-we were never even close to that area of the store! Oh the wonders of technology:)

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  1. Whew! I remember that registry process - we had to stop for a lunch snack while we were at Target!