Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Day!

Today has been a pretty good day....let me start off by saying, has anyone noticed the baby ticker? We are under 100 days!!! That is very exciting for us! So that starts out the good day! Other than that....the other good news is that Tony had someone come (there were supposed to be 2 people but 1 didn't show up) to give an estimate on finishing the drywall in the basement. He was very impressed by the guy--first for showing up on time--and then for the price he gave and the best part--he can start on Sunday! Yea!! Finally an end is in sight for the basement!

So this means that soon we can move stuff out of the soon to be nursery and have our painting party! That also means that I can clean the carpets soon--I swear the house is starting to smell like dog (Tony thinks I am crazy and everyone else tells me that the house smells fine--but this pregnancy smeller is quite astute!!)--so this all makes me very happy! So it has been a good day! Thought I would share!

On a side note, I did go and receive my flu shot today. Tony was worried that if I waited until my next appt on 10/1 that it would be too late since I work in the schools. There are already bugs going around anyways, so we both feel better that I am "protected" now.


  1. You're protected.....and so is cockburn.....

  2. You guys can't use the blog to have a conversation back and forth! :)

    Jen - it probably does smell like dog...the pregnant nose knows! The things I could pick up on made me feel like a bloodhound!

  3. I made Andy keep our kitchen trash can out in the garage. It smelled horrible to me...made me gag...but he didn't smell anything, and it was a pain to have to go to the garage to throw something away! I would smell our dog too...blah.