Monday, September 28, 2009

Painting, Painting, Painting

Well, there has been a lot going on here these past 5 or 6 days and it mostly has to do with painting! We had our first official painting party last Wednesday. Tony's Aunts and Uncles came over for dinner (my contribution for the evening) and then got to work priming our newly finished drywall in the basement. I was pleasantly surprised that they got all the priming done in one evening! and Tony even helped as well!! (he doesn't really think of himself as a painter!!) I felt bad that I couldn't really help, but did make dinner and a couple of Menard's runs for more supplies:)

Then they all came back on Saturday for a round of painting--I got lunch:)--and then they stayed again for the 2nd coat and got it almost all finished. One of our walls is going to be brick red, so it is requiring one more coat of paint--here's to hoping a 3rd will get it covered:) It looks amazing downstairs and Tony and I are so grateful for all of the help and the time they have put in to helping us get it all finished--including even before the painting was able to begin!!

So tonight is our 3rd painting party. The grandma's are painting in the nursery right now as I type. We are doing two walls blue and two walls light brown. I think they are working on the blue walls tonight and may be coming back tomorrow to work on the brown ones....haven't asked yet:) My dad and Tony were going to look at the hot water heater (it has decided not to light on its own anymore--only 2 years old!!) but unfortunately my dad is not sure about it either. So that means a service call from a professional.....gotta love home-ownership!! So, they are finishing up the 3rd coat of red and the touch-ups downstairs. Tony is also hanging our other lights since the ceiling is all done being painted. It is all getting closer to getting finished and we are growing even more excited as that day draws near....that means nursery furniture building soon!

We have been taking pictures throughout the building and painting process and I will post some before and afters soon.

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