Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 months later....

Sorry for the delay in posts, things have been a little crazy this past week.

Ok, so I have regulated prolactin levels, Tony has good swimmers and it is 6 months later (April '07) with still no pregnancy. I am starting to get really worried about things by now. So I call Aunt Jill and set up our appointment with the doctor. She (the doctor) is pretty sad when she sees that it is me and we are back without a potential pregnancy. She tells me that there is one more thing that she will do at her office before sending me on. She tells me that she would like to do a laparoscopy. This is when they make a hole in my bellybutton, blow it up with gas and look around. She said that even though the HSG was clear, it could have missed something that the laparoscopy would pick up. Then if there was something that needed to be corrected, she would go ahead and do it while she was in there. We decided that this would be a good next step and set up the appointment.

Here is where the next person found out about our troubles. I decided that since I would be put under anesthesia for this, that I should probably tell my mom in case something happened during the surgery. I remember going over to use her computer (ours was on the fritz) and how nervous I was to tell her. My dad was not home at the time. I cried and she cried, but it was nice to have my mom know.

Tony took me in for the procedure, it went smoothly overall. The only bad thing was that there was nothing that should have been impeding with our pregnancy efforts. It took a couple of days to recover, especially when I got my first ever hemorrhoid! Sorry if that is TMI (to much information) for some of you. I couldn't believe it--must have been from how they had me positioned on the table. It took a few weeks to get rid of that and I hope I never get another one. I had a follow-up appointment scheduled a few days later with the doctor to find out where we went next.

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